FUC 301: DAVID GILDEN - Texas Pillbox 18CD Boxset


Finally here after years of gathering and planning.

18 CDs spanning David Gilden's career from 1991 until 2000
Packaged in a custom A5 style outer sleeve with six individual A5 triple-CD sets.

Attention international customers, I will get a more accurate price when they are in hand and I get a proper weight. What I have is the most likely rate.

Strictly limited to 300 copies.

"I met David Gilden in late 1991 or early 1992 at a local experimental music show. He stood next to me and began a conversation about experimental music and noise. He figured it was a Throbbing Gristle style band.
I gave him my home number and he gave me his. We began talking on the phone soon after. He played work that he had been working on and I did the same. He asked if I was in “metal” and I said “no”. Most of the time when I’d call him his Mom would answer and usually David was in his room recording. He recorded a lot and also did variations on a single recording session. He’d rework some or did layering to some of his work.
I was getting together a noisefest in Houston and asked him to perform at it in 1992. After seeing a solo performance of his, I felt our style in noise was similar and soon I had asked him to join Black Leather Jesus. He was very opinionated on others’ work and at times was not easy to get along with. As many know, he had substance abuse issues which also caused some arguments within BLJ especially with other members.
Many times at a BLJ show, Gilden was so immersed in the performance, he would keep going when the rest of the band were done.
During our recordings session as Slave Labor or Lingula, David
would like to plan out a recording whereas I’d like to just press record and go. This led to disagreements with what we wanted to do with the projects. David could be a perfectionist at times and his “creative fuel” would get in the way of finishing work.
Some Slave Labor recordings would include Macronympha as well. David and I briefly did a project called The Siamese Model and Noise!Noise!Noise!
His addiction got in the way. Our relationship became very volatile at this point. Not long after he entered rehab again in 1997, we went our separate ways and never spoke again.

Gilden was an amazing noise artist and sadly was overlooked during his active years. It’s great to see people appreciate his work today. I do miss the good times we had recording and performing together."

-Richard Ramirez


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